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Repair and Maintenance

Maintenance and Repair
Elevator is a vehicle composed of many components, the standard elevator its main items are divided into "control system", "host Motor", "ladder compartment Assembly", "lifting road 0 components" and " Machine Pits 0 Components "five major items, including a variety of electronic and mechanical parts set up in various modern technology, and regular maintenance to ensure that your equipment to obtain the longest service life and best performance."


Hongrui Elevator is the home physician of your elevator, through regular inspection, maintenance, carefully check whether there are potential risk factors; We provide you with quality elevator repair and maintenance services, whether the elevator equipment of all manufacturers are to provide the highest quality and most reliable service, so that equipment to maintain normal operation and meet the highest safety standards.


In addition to have a professional and skillful quality engineering team, another dedicated service center 365 days 24 hours at any time to wait for your call, through professional and technical, high-quality parts, to achieve "safety first-trust first-professional maintenance-Excellent quality" is our four principles.


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