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Intelligent micro-Computer Integrated frequency control system
Adopt the newest technology double memory chip select assemble type call car function, take distance control as the principle of docking technology, frequency conversion variable pressure control host motor output to achieve the best energy efficiency, intelligent computer calculation elevator speed curve, provide customers with excellent comfort.

Prevent Elevator accident Safety design
The elevator system design is based on the European safety Code, and the program in the control system is composed of three insurances to achieve the highest safety specification:
1. Relay CONTACTOR Card dead or arc stuck
2. Elevator parking level passengers in and out of the sliding
3. Elevator safety contact Abnormal damp short circuit

Due to the scientific and technological benefits of modern green energy
In response to the Government's efforts to promote energy-saving and carbon-reduction, diversified green energy technology products have been widely used in various industries, of course, elevators are no exception, such as VVVF control system, LED lighting equipment, permanent magnet synchronous motor, etc., to create a savings in public sharing of electricity $number efficiency, The host motor is not easy to heat and greatly reduces the temperature of the mechanical chamber and prolongs its unit life.


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